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Chris W. Joseph, the Men's Style Concierge, has established himself as a trusted lifestyle resource for today's discerning gentlemen. Chris is a valued and indispensable wardrobe & image consultant for today's modern man. He develops and facilitates strategies to refine their physical appearance & presentation. He specializes in professional personal styling, personal shopping, wardrobe renovations, and weddings. 
As a personal fashion stylist, Chris has worked with men in sports & entertainment, radio & tv broadcasting, business professionals, and "the average Joe." Clients work with TMSC because of the high attention to all details pertaining to their personal styling experience. Chris believes this should be expected of a trusted personal fashion stylist & image consultant who wants to meet the needs of those he serves.
Chris is a proven authority on men's style. Thousands have connected with him through various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, FaceBook, and Instagram.  Both men and women follow his perspectives on style trends found in popular culture as he focuses on men's apparel, style tips & fashion advice, grooming techniques, and contemporary etiquette to help men achieve the most from their personal look & brand.​

In the past, Chris has partnered with recognizable brands in men's style & fashion as a brand ambassador & influencer. Brands such as global men's style publication GQ, and department store giant Macy's looked to Chris to as he shared his sartorial insights via social media, other digital platforms, and special events. Other fashion & lifestyle collaborations have included Simon Malls, Mont Blanc, Jay Z Gold,  Spice Bomb, Volkswagen, Citizens, Converse, Ralph Lauren, and Levi’s.
Chris is a native of Miami, FL and lives in the Greater Atlanta Metro area with his wife and their two children. 


  1. He was always known for his sense of style during our college days. Now he's bringing the common sense & uncommon details of fine style to men from all walks of life.
    Marcus Foxx, Esq.
  2. Chris handled my wedding. He is elite when it comes to men's styling; he is very detail oriented. I would recommend his services if you are looking to set yourself apart.
    Gregory Anderson
  3. Chris commands sartorial knowledge that helps reflect your personal style while you declare your confidence. Trust him to assist you in making first & lasting impressions.
    Wil Rifareal

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